We want to share a Pingo customer’s experience in their own words to showcase the level of service you can expect from our dedicated Pingo service team. Being with Pingo for so long (10 years) and having experienced awesome call quality and great live customer service, they were kind enough to be our Pingo brand ambassador and share their testimonial.

Bilwesh Jani – Pingo Customer Since 2006 My family and I have been using Pingo to make international calls, mainly to India, since 2006. In all these years of at least weekly calls averaging 20-30 minutes, we have never had any issues with the quality of service, ever!! After almost 10 years, I needed to contact customer support to inquire about bonus minutes and was pleasantly surprised to find online chat support and the prompt reply from Brian was awesome. He took care of my query promptly and thanked me for being a loyal customer for almost 10 years. This ‘in-person’ service was a delight in this digital age of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Kudos to Brian and Pingo!! I expect my family to use Pingo for many years to come. Thanks, B.J. It brightens our day when we hear such things from a loyal Pingo customer that has never had an issue with Pingo in almost 10 years of service. Pingo has a dedicated US multi-lingual customer service team available 7 days a week for 14 hours a day. This helps us in providing top notch live customer service. A lot of our online phone service competitors only provide help support tickets with a 48 hour response time and lack to live customer service. If you are looking for an International calling service that you can rely on, then look no further. Give Pingo a try to experience all the phone features & level of service to help you stay connected to the world. Sign Up Now at Pingo.com and enter Coupon Code “Social” for an extra 10% off. Valid to new customers only